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Andrew Darling: 10 years at Bibby Financial Services

This month marks a significant milestone in my career in the finance sector. Not only will it be my tenth year with the UK’s leading invoice finance provider, Bibby Financial Services, but it will also be my 25th year in the invoice finance sector since joining the industry in 1989.

I’ve worked for a number of large invoice finance specialists in the past, including Lombard NatWest Commercial Services and Royal Bank of Scotland Commercials Services (now RSBIF). I first joined Bibby Financial Services in 2004 as Head of Operations and I haven’t looked back since.

Since joining, my relationship with Bibby Financial Services has gone from strength to strength; moving into a business development role in 2009 and then becoming a part of the newly formed corporate team in 2012.


Being responsible for the development of larger business opportunities, our corporate team of commercial finance experts have structured almost 200 deals to date. An achievement which I believe is down to our localised approach and ability to build long-lasting business relationships.

The best thing about my current role at Bibby Financial Services is the atmosphere – it’s like being part of a big family. It’s a great environment to be in and I’m so pleased I made the decision to join ten years ago.


Throughout my years working alongside businesses, the invoice finance industry has changed a lot. Being able to adapt to these changes in business and to meet challenges head-on has been of the upmost importance to both myself and BFS.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people on some thoroughly rewarding projects and deals, helping countless companies and businesses along the way. Needless to say I’m look forward to the many more years to come.

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With 25 years under my belt I’m pleased to be starting my own blog, so that I can pass on my experience and help more UK business people find the right help when it comes to alternative forms of finance.

I hope you’ll continue to read my thoughts about the industry, and get in touch if you need further advice or information.

[You can read more about my 25 years in Invoice Finance via Creditman]

About the Author

Having worked in financial services for over 36 years, Andrew Darling is a specialist in Invoice Discounting, Factoring and Trade Finance Solutions. He currently manages the development of business with higher turnover companies at Bibby Financial Services, specialising in corporate finance for businesses with turnover of £5 million or more.

If you’re interested in invoice finance then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bibby Financial Services directly.

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