An Introduction to Flexidraft by Andrew Darling

As many business owners and SMEs continually look for new avenues to create growth, the difficulties of expansion can often become clear. But with the help of specialist, flexible funding, businesses can now take control of their capital.


In recent years businesses with cashflow problems have been turning towards unsustainable forms of finance, such as family loans instead of using other more secure methods. But with flexible funding now more widely available, there’s no reason why modern SMEs should have to suffer.

Responding to the need for more personal and sustainable forms of funding in recent years, the UK’s leading independent invoice finance specialist Bibby Financial Services offer a wide range of support to businesses and SMEs.


An alternative to bank overdrafts and other forms of funding, Bibby Financial Services’ Flexidraft support gives growing companies the opportunity to secure their future in business giving quick access to cash when needed.

This can help businesses to maintain momentum, whilst encouraging further future growth.

How It Works

After a funding amount is agreed upon (based on sales analysis), an account is made which will be used to receive customer payments. Then, when your company or business is in need of funds, simply access the Flexidraft account. A daily rate of 0.05% of the funds used is charged, but if you don’t use the account, then no charge is made.

Also, because of the openness of the service – with no contract tie-in, monthly fee or hidden charges – Flexidraft gives SMEs complete control over the future of their business and cashflow.

If you’re interested in flexible funding solutions for your business, be sure to visit Bibby Financial Services today for more information.

About the Author

Having worked in financial services for over 36 years, Andrew Darling is a specialist in invoice discounting, factoring and trade finance solutions. He currently manages the development of business with higher turnover companies at Bibby Financial Services, specialising in corporate finance for businesses with turnover of £5 million or more.

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